27 February 2011

lolo heads

Some days I'll get back from class and James will come home from the gym, and we'll jump in our car just for the fun of it. And even though (to others it may seem) we do nothing significant on these sporadic drives, we have all the 'lolo head' fun we can in Loretta our Jetta. Some of our fondest memories have come from simply spending time together like this. Don't you just love talking story with your husband, I sure do. From dance competitions to conversations of "whose McDonald's vanilla cone was made the best" haha, and little 'kicking' reminders from our kaikamahine that she's coming in 10 weeks, we definitely find joy with getting lost in each other's company.
"I think [the Lord] smiles when he sees young husbands and wives, and older ones, with deep affection for each other, who continue their courtship as our prophet has said, who continue to love each other with all their souls until the day they die and then accentuate it through eternity."
-Spencer W. Kimball


  1. Ahhh I love that quote! It's so beautiful! You guys are a cute couple!

  2. you guys are so cute!!!! One day I'm gonna marry someone and be juuust like you guys :) :) or probably blonder! Oh!!! lol sooo i got bachi today when I fully got called up to give my testimony infront of the whole sacrament! that's what i get for laughing at you. hahaha.

  3. 10 weeks already?! Geez, time is flying. And you guys are really so cute together!