01 July 2011

2 Month "Owies"

2 Months, 1 Day Old
12 Pounds!

Our poor little girl arrived at the Doctor's smiling & playful, but left crying to sleep in Mama's arms. 
We didn't know she was getting FOUR!!! types of vaccines today.
Good thing they combine two in one needle, so it was only 2 shots!
We think Mahie knows the smell of rubbing alcohol = a shot, because as soon as the nurse started cleaning her skin, she started crying.

Here she is sensing somethin's up:

And afterwards being soothed in between shots :( 
one shot per chubby thigh!
Such a sad way to celebrate her two month birthday, blah!

Even I went through (and still am) some pain. 
It's funny aka ANNOYING/FRUSTRATING how the body decides to fall apart/breakdown when funds or insurance is nonexistent. 
It's either my bottom left wisdom tooth is coming out at a bad angle or my back molar has a bad cavity. Whatever it is ruined James & my date night since a little tooth had me bawling from EXTREME pain. We left before Transformer's was halfway done.
Tylenol, Tylenol, Tylenol
If anyone knows of some affordable dental insurance/dental care places, hook a sister up!

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  1. look up the number for Aloha Medical Mission. They are a free service for people with no insurance. Theres usually a month or so wait but if u say your in pain they can rush you to the next available appointment or put u next if theres a cancellation. You need to be prepared tho coz they dont mess around. If you want to get it pulled out they will pull it out right then n there. They are volunteer dentist from practices around the island so u will never get the same dentist. Its in town kinda by vineyard area. Pretty ghets but you cant complain for free service which would otherwise cost A LOT! msg me if you want more info. I went there twice n got wat i needed.