22 August 2011

oh my family hotness!

This past weekend was a NO-SCHOOL-NO-WORK-NO-OBLIGATIONS just free time with family.
We all met at my brother's place up in the hills next to Kamehameha Schools, is that Kalihi (who cares), ANYways my brother's place has a BEAUTIFUL view of Honolulu, the airport planes coming & going, the ocean, the sunsets, etc....they've lived out here, Isaac, Eric & Isaac's sweet girlfriend Kiana for a couple of months since its more convenient for their jobs. Plus isn't everyone's dream to GET AWAY from Laie, hahaha, totally not a hater. We all love their new home & I wouldn't mind kicking them out after we graduate, just kidding guys, but I don't think James likes the up, up, upward drive :)
We jumped into our cars & headed out to, to, to.....the SWAPMEET!
And it was sweaty HOT, HOT & SWEATY!
 the slipper & farmer tans were pretty mean. we kept Mahie cool by wiping her down with a wet rag from my cold water bottle. It was still windy at least, but I know she got a tan too! She walked around with her Grandparents buying pickled mango, seeds candy & li hing mui goodies :) Hello at one tent we were lookin at some cute little clothes until we realized they were DOG clothes, LMAO, tell us later!
Cold Fruit, so yum for a hot day.
We went back to the house to cool off & rehydrate ourselves. Everyone wanted to rest in Eric's "cave", so I put Mahie in there next to her Uncle for a nap. Well, that's after Grandma cooled her off which she GREATLY appreciated & enjoyed in Aunty Kiana's kitchen sink.
 Mom made a whole bunch of spaghetti & garlic bread, James drove up from Laie and we all had a nice dinner as the day cooled off into night. Looking out after the sunset reminded of that song, "Honolulu City Lights".
Enjoy your families everyone, love from the 3 Aspy's in Laie :)


  1. Hahaha! Dog clothes :) hilarious! I love the sink pictures of Mahie! Such a little butterball! <3

  2. I love that area of Hawaii! So gorgeous. You're so lucky you get to live on that beautiful island!