04 August 2011

Splurge Day

I woke up at 6 this morning to the sound of pouring rain!
First thing that came to mind:
But as I started to make some hot chocolate, I realized I wanted something to munch on too...so on to toast, eggs, bacon, soon our home was filled with BREAKFAST! And as wives know best, yummy food = a wide awake husband. Mahie came around a little later, then we each got ready & headed out.
Both James & I were off from work, so we had the entire day to do whatever. These kind of days hardly ever happen because of school and work schedules. But today, everything was OURS for the taking. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. 
Well things got a little crazy & the dollar bills kept disappearing. 
I know I keep saying this, but my husband is truly a keeper! He spoiled Mahie & I the entire day: shopping & food...food & shopping!
Don't worry, even the Daddy won a REALLY awesome prize today, which I think put him in the best of moods to spoil his favorite girls.
To celebrate Mahie's 3 month markdown, James got her a swing (more to help her Grandpa babysit her), and a bouncer. 
We know she won't really bounce when we put her in, but this girl can STAND for days when you prop her up. Of course not on her own yet. But when you try to pick her up or lay her down, she won't bend her legs. She loves to stand. Maybe she'll be an early walker in the next couple of months. She IS however, a very big DROOLER. We haven't used any bibs yet, since they're all too big, but her mouth is constantly needing to be wiped and she'll suck away at anything. Please don't be teething early. This girl needs to just calm down, growing too quickly.
 (amazed at her own reflection)
We drove all over to Target, Honolulu & ended at Ala Moana, where I even picked up some fabulous shoes!
"Thank you Aunty Hillary for setting up my swing"


  1. yay shes wearing the watermelon outfit i got her for your baby shower wooohooo!!!!!! too cute!

  2. Really? Thanks Chantel, My Mom LOVED it too

  3. Wow....2 lucky girls!!! Can I say spoilage??? lol.