30 August 2011

Drooling & Munching

She's charmed her way to 
 here she is rolling around in our bed, trying to fight her sleep.
I think she's almost longer than our longest pillow.
I meant to measure her, but she is such a wiggle worm nowadays, plus I knew if she grabbed onto the measuring tape, it would be devoured by that drooling mouth. She sucks on everything, not just me anymore *wink, wink!
Speaking of drool, her latest fashion MUST HAVE: Bibs, in all shapes & colors
Mahie is very alert & responds more to when she sees us by kicking uncontrollably and smiling. My favorite time of day is morning, because I'll look over into her crib and all she wants to do is play. I don't even care if it means I'll be late for class. She also gets very happy when Cooper (family dog) runs by.
Her her has grown much more, wavy curls.
Her eyes have gotten rounder, not so pake anymore. 
It's a battle trying to get her to lay down. She'll kick her feet out stiffly and try to stand. 
She loves to be taken out on walks & smiles up at the tree branches. One time she even started laughing, hahaha.
I've switched to total formula feeding, and now her appetite can consume too many bottles for the dishwasher (ME) to keep up with.
Did I mention she held her bottle all by herself today, whoa!
Her 4month check up is this Friday, so we'll see what doctor says about any new changes.

And that's us in a 4-month nutshell :)
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  1. Seriously, every time I come across your blog, I end up reading all your old posts and looking at all your pictures! Mahie is soooo cute!

  2. loved getting caught up with you guys! what would we do without blogs? fb just doesnt cut it for me! lol. glad everything is going great for you guys and good luck on the insurance issues! that would stress me out too! keep the faith!! :)