18 August 2011

Frustrated with a "smile"

The mailbox has been our enemy for the past week, since its deliveries has only brought letters of stress, frustration, and a few occasional tears of a mother trying to figure out WHAT'S GOING WRONG?
Anyways, here's the lowdown: Insurance problems for Mahie's birth coverage
SOOOOOOOOOOOO irritating these insurance people & billing departments.
I mean really, sometimes James & I feel like we have to jump through the phone in order to do THAT person's job CORRECTLY.
Don't you hate it when customer service rep's keep sending you to someone else & you feel like you're just going around in circles.
the phone chase: Castle Hospital-> HMSA -> MedQuest -> DMBA -> back and forth, forth & back!
So...Mahie's Mommy finally snapped at someone at HMSA & broke down out of frustration.....but after some comforting words with the hubby & prayerful words with our father in heaven....tears were wiped away and replaced with a smile full of faith. things will work out.

a quick remedy for frustrated tears:

with love, "j.a.m."

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