16 August 2011

a new trick!

Mahie is proud to share a "3month-2weeks-3days old TRICK"
Pretty soon this girl will be sitting up, because she does NOT like laying down on her back. Although she is no where near sitting up on her own, she sure does not fail in the attempt of using her abs to try & lift her upper body an inch or two off the ground into a curled situp/crunch. Even when we hold her, she likes to be held upright as if she's a big girl carried on mama's hip. She LOVES it when ppl try to help her sit up. The slightest touch of her hands, she'll grab onto you tightly to help herself get up and then to stand. She can stand for days holding onto your hands. And speaking of hands, she sucks & eats her chubby paws as if we dont feed her, lol. She also drools, drools & drools! Teething? Not yet please. She also recognizes a bottle & opens her mouth to wait to be fed, LOL....and irritatingly, has learned to hate her car seat.

As for Mom & Dad...James has been sick the past two days, which means I've been trying to take care of him, keep the house some what orderly (failed!), and watch Mahie. But Grandma & Grandpa Ka'ahanui help out with babysitting Mahie when I need to study, which hasn't been going too well with my past two science tests. LOL, I told James that we should call my parent's house "Ka'ahanui Day Care" :)
My Dad bought this for Mahie while in Honolulu today:
hilarious, you go aunty hillary (plus aunties ida, crystal, tiana & tisha)

*lights out!

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