29 August 2011

For Sanoe

Welcome Back to Reality MONDAY!
(*shout out to Sanoe for reminding me to get with the blogging program)
Over the weekends, James & I always set a whole bunch of goals to accomplish...to help ease our troubles for the upcoming week. 
For instance: 1. laundry, 2. hw 3. study 4. organize piles of clothes, papers, slippers, toys that gather everyday.....well, as always we didn't do ANY of them. What we DID do however was, work, visit family, eat that family's food, relax, NOT wash the laundry, add more STUFFS to piles lying around the house & kick toys on the side out of our way....hahaha, and it was enjoyable (as long as it lasted)
Weekend SnapSHOTS:
not letting go of mommy's (unopened) tampon, while watching daddy GRINDING his chicken

ByeBye Uncle Corey (left a week ago)

Found Nea on my phone!

Sui's Bridal Shower

Nea demonstrating the nasty's on my phone

The Blushing Bride-to-Be!

Banana Tickles LMAO, eww!

walking around laie with a feet muncher!
James was off Sunday, we were able to attend church as a complete family FINALLY! Got my visiting teaching done, better late than never. James came home & slept the afternoon, evening & night away.
Mahie has turned into a little pirate...her baby coo's have turned into deep Arrrhhhh's! (what the?) During one pirate moment, we noticed two little white areas on her upper gums....OH-EM-GEE, THATS WHY YOURE DROOLING FOR DAYS! They haven't broken in yet, but it'll only be a matter of time. She hasn't shown any signs of fussiness YET!
Last week of the term, let me hear it procrastinators, WOOHOO!


  1. hahahahaha can i just say that I LOVE this post! Especially the one with Mahie holding mommy's unopened tampon hahaha I hope that I have a little family just like yours!!!

  2. Love it! Thanks Ashlyn for updating your blog. Lol, even though you guys live right around the corner I never see you so I need the updates!! :) Sheʻs getting so big!

  3. oh shes so cute and teeth already! wow! im sad i missed the bridal shower :( but looks like you guys had so much fun!