11 August 2011

Girl's Day Out

Daddy bought a new car over the weekend, so Mommy picked up Aunty & Grandma and hung out in Waikiki for the day.
1. Forever 21
There was a creepy female employee that would NOT leave us alone for a second. We named her "Botox Lady" because, poor ting her face! I mean she was sweet, but she kept handing us clothes to put in our shopping bags, then disappear, but up out of nowhere she'll pop out again. The store has 3 levels so we ran & hid in the elevator until we reached a different floor. 
2. Cheesecake Factory
My Mom was SICK today, so to CHEER her up we had lunch at Cheesecake Factory because it was her first time :) We kept laughing at Mahie because she loves kicking her legs out straight & lifting them. Yes, here she is "Planking" while Grandma keeps trying to adjust her grip LOL. 
This little girl I tell you, kolohe just like her tank top says.
3. Waikiki Beach
The weather was awesome. My Mom kept repeating how she was missing out on a good "laundry day" weather & breeze. We walked down the beach access & the beach was packed. The water looked so good, only in Hawaii....
4. Ben Franklin's
(Grandma needed craft supplies)
5. Walmart
(Mommy needed to restock Mahie's 72hr-kit diaper supply)

What a fun and hot day like no other. I enjoyed treating my little sister & Mom on our Girl's Day Outing. Poor Mahie is having a love/hate relationship with her car seat. I need to start cutting down on outings...sometimes I'll wake up early & decide at that moment that I just want to GO! Mahie is my little partner in crime. Tonight she had a blast as I gave her a warm bath. Non-stop kicking, wiggling & of course leg raising. She smiles more than ever now & interacts with us so well that we almost think she understands, haha. A long ways to go from here, enjoying every moment.

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  1. Mahie is getting bigger every picture I see her in!! lol and is Botox lady the one who fo real looks like her face went through a funnel? If thats the one, she kept coming to me in the dressing room handing me a billion of clothes to try on!