17 June 2012

Father's Day 2012

...and Father's Day went like this...

homemade daddy cards
...and some for Grandpa too! (*FYI mo'opuna = grandchildren)

Grandma woke up VERY early, (even after the dumb blackout last night where we thought we'd loose all of our defrosted groceries) and made a huge hearty breakfast. The local Hawaiian usual: scrambled eggs, rice, bacon, sausages, regular pancakes and German pancakes. All with POG juice and Ketchup. The Dad Kings of the house enjoyed breakfast in bed, with Mahie picking off James' plate.

Fastforward to AFTER church, lovely smelling lei's and SURPRISE LUNCH TIME!
(Garlic Steak & Shrimp)
Cupcakes by Kiki was having a Father's Day special, only $10 for red velvet, choc. chip filled, and vanilla cream, including free delivery. They were yummy!! I probably overdid my prenatal sugar level for the week :(
FREE printables off Pinterest

to the
my Mom got him phone cards to call home lol
And now Mahie is running around the house high on sugar while everyone is just lounging around.
Love to all the Daddy's, Future Daddy's, and even the Mommy's who have to fill the role of Daddy too!

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