26 June 2012

Sweet Unwind

Today we are still unwinding from our post-Maui travels, even though we woke up at 8 am! If Mahie isn't already crying to be fed, then it's the baby boy kicking inside of me wanting to munch or PEE! My parents were really happy to wake up to Mahie being home again, so much that my Mom brought out a new book and toys she had gotten because of "Mahie-withdrawals". They were pretty cool and brand new-ish looking stuff, considering she got them all for just a buck at a garage sale. James had to head off to town to run some errands for his brother Richard (who's living in New Zealand), and so I tagged along for the drive to Honolulu. 

And since we were on Punchbowl St., and Restaurant Row was JUST around the corner, James granted my sweet tooth and TV show addiction of going HERE:
the Hokulani Bake Shop
They were one of the featured winners on the Food Network's Cupcake Wars! Who hasn't seen this yummy competitive show? When we arrived, they were in the middle of taping something as there was a camera crew. However, it didn't stop me from getting in. We ordered a variety as it was our first time (and probably our last because of the pricey-ness). We got one of everything in the picture above, and two of the strawberry shortcake and red velvet flavors. I'm a BIG/HUGE red velvet cake lover! Thanks for the sugary goodness Hokulani, and the pretty brown & orange reusable bag that I can pack my lunch in =]

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