28 June 2012

Maui {Day 2: Sunday, June 24}

Lahaina 1st Ward {1st Stop}
We started our day right by going to church! I have always enjoyed attending different wards. As we were staying in Kaanapali, the nearest ward was just a few minutes away in Lahaina, right off the main highway and across a surfing coastline. It was a nice little chapel. I guess they must be used to all the haole tourists vacationing (and there was a lot). It was cool hearing them release and sustain members on Lana'i and Moloka'i. Sacrament talk theme: Faith & Integrity!

Maui Swiss Cafe {2nd Stop for Brunch}
We brought extra clothes & headed straight from church to cruise the island. We stopped by Front St. and had lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall cafe. Everything was petite sized and cute. We were hesitant at first with all the tacky pink, but the panini sandwiches and Roselani ice cream/strawberry crepes were delicious. James's pick, two thumbs up!

Iao Valley {3rd Stop to see the Kuka'emoku}
Wailuku welcomed our curiosity with a stop at windy Iao Valley. It reminded us of the Pali lookout and Mahie enjoyed running around in the heavy breeze. The surrounding was moist, green, and crowded.We stayed just to get a few shots and let Mahie get her wiggles out. The wind and tourists were too much. Parking is usually $3, but we got in for FREEEE!

Da Kitchen {4th Stop in Kihei}
Lunch time called for another local hotspot that makes the most ONO local food ever & with HUGE portions. There's nothing like growing up in the islands and eating laulau, kalua pig, lomi salmon, chicken long rice with a side of poi, rice and mac salad. (Don't forget your Aloha Shoyu!) I was just missing squid luau. James isn't really a fan of Hawaiian food (how's him?!), but Mahie and I sure are. Kihei was very hot and sunny. Too bad it was Sunday, or else we'd have jumped in the crystal clear water that was so tempting and nearby.....we instead decided to drive back to Kaanapali for some shut eye!

{Mahie taking over the bed during nap time}

 Lahaina Pizza Co. {5th Stop DINNER overlooking the moonlit ocean}
I shook James awake and told him I craved pizza. Off to Front St. again! Up the never ending staircase (there was no elevator, boo!) and seated at a balcony table, we welcomed an overloaded veggie, cheesy deep dish pepperoni pizza. This thing was huge, and the waitress hooked us up with a half-off Kamaaina discount! We ordered their cookie pizza dessert to go and we devoured it back at the hotel while watching a redbox dvd. It was a fun way to end our 2nd day in Maui, in bed relaxing and munching in front of the tv. Our hotel room A MESS!

 BY THE WAY, Today was our OFFICIAL anniversary, when two years ago James & I jumped on a plane and were sealed for ETERNITY at the Kona, Hawaii Temple. That temple will always have a special place in my heart because of our sealing experience. Even more because the only people we had accompany us was our parents on both sides and temple member siblings. Just us & our loved ones. It was small, intimate and very meaningful, I didn't care nor want to return back to Oahu for my stressful reception. I really felt extra special and truly adored and loved by my new husband.
"He may not be a movie star, but when it comes to bein' happy, WE ARE!
There's not a man today who could take me away from my guy..."
-you said it Diana Ross!

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  1. Haha! I like the part where you say how James doesn't like Hawaiian food and you add in "hows him!" LOL! Happy anniversary you two!!