06 June 2012

"Hunger Games Hangover" Challenge

On the Mummy Blog:

it's going to be a fun summer bookworms...

*FYI, I'm 19weeks & counting
little boy, little boy, oh boy, little boy


  1. I needed to see this post! U and Leise make me get excited to actually find some good reads. I've been reading such crappy ones that I picked out from Borders from the book sale last year

  2. wow thanks for sharing! i need a good read this summer. hope all is well, take care of yourself and rub the belly for me :) love you guys!

  3. i will def hit up some of those books. keep us updated on which ones are good!! and yay a boy!! congrats!!! isn't that just perfect???

    and i love our double stroller. its light and easy and hina has only recently started to kick baby, but we just put him down there now. actually we dont really have it set to who is on the top and bottom we just do whatever because they both like both spots. you also wont have to worry about her kicking baby since he will be in a carseat attached to the stroller (at least those first couple months of his life). one annoying thing, however, is that the stroller doesn't fold together with the bottom attachment. you have to take that attachment off first, then close it and put it in car. its really not that big of a deal though. it takes 2 seconds to put on and off. anyways, the biggest pro is that i loove being able to stroll through any and all doors and hallways without banging in to people or taking up so much space. this double stroller is smaller then the single stroller we had. that is saying a lot! we also get tons of compliments wherever we go. everyone is always shocked and amazed and the majority of ppl say they've never seen a stroller like that before. i say its definitely worth the cost!! hope your search goes well! :)