16 June 2012


For a while, my Dad really wanted to eat at PCC's Prime Dining dinner buffet......because he wanted UNLIMITED crab. I got lucky from work with a FREE dinner for two (Because only RICH tourists can actually afford that side of the Gateway Restaurant), and since James is always working at that time + Mahie would never sit still if we took her.....we granted Dad's UNLIMITED CRAB WISH as an early Father's Day gift.
He was super excited and appreciative of his dinner date with Mom. So much, that he kept telling her to hurry up and get ready as soon as the evening approached to head over to PCC. Miss Mahie thought she was going to tag along with Grandma & Grandpa, but I decided they needed a meal date all to themselves without worrying about a toddler rascal running everywhere. They later returned with full AND fulfilled tummies.

Happy Father's Day Dad
I love you!

....and hopefully you don't see the surprise card I made you for tomorrow:


  1. muahahahaha thanks my adopted Kaaahanui parents for including 3/4's of me in your daddy's day dinner picture :)

  2. Your parents are the cutest people ever!