30 June 2012

Shayde's Mermaid 1st Bday

My best friend since Kamehameha Preschool days (Shanelia Laimana) celebrated her daughter's "Under the Sea" 1st birthday today. It was that huge party right off Kam highway across PCC with all the choke cars parked everywhere. Yes, we Hawaiians know how to give it when our babies turn one. 
{shots off my instagram @ashlyn_aspy, don't add me if i don' t know/like you!}
I was suuuuuper excited about Shayde's party because of all the handmade decorations/favors Nel had done......and because of the food! I LOVE Hawaiian baby luaus, graduation parties and weddings because of ono HAND caught & hours of prepared local food. Which is never ending. I say "Hawaiian", because those parties are where I'm most comfortable at, hello its my culture & upbringing.

The atmosphere of modern and traditional falsetto live Hawaiian music....men wearing Reyn's aloha shirts, shorts & slippers...giving honi to all the kupuna, relatives you haven't seen in a while & even to uncles & aunties who aren't really your uncle & aunty, but really they kinda are.....the smell of puakenikeni, pikake, yellow ginger, plumeria....that's just some of what I love and enjoy about being raised Hawaiian in Hawaii!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy parties thrown by other cultures, they even fascinate me at times with their differences and uniqueness....but there's nothing like your own.

Mahie was all over the place and ate everything SUGAR. She was so sticky by the time we left. It was nice catching up with EVERYONE: Kahuku High classmates, meeting/cuddling their chubby babies, relatives on Jordan's (Nel's husband) side who are related through my Great-Grandma Julia. James had to work, but Hill came along and we devoured everything. Her fave was the fish & mine the squid luau + poi, of course! Mahie takes after me, we love our Polynesian food.

Great party Laimana's & Kahawaii's!

*P.S. its my Dad's 50th Birthday, but we're celebrating tomorrow!


  1. i've been meaning to write back and say THANK YOU for your beautiful comment. it means so much to me to hear the support and comforting words from so many people. you know, there are so many people out there who are strong and i gain my strength from them, like yourself. you're a mother of 2 (almost and CONGRATS, SO EXCITED FOR A BOYYYYY!!!) and working and just doing your best and THAT gives me strength knowing that even with my struggles (that i AM waiting to look back on and laugh) with this pregnancy, it's all worth it in the end when we're blessed with the greatest gift from our Heavenly Father. i know that your baby girl (who seriously has the best smile EVERRRRR), came to you folks at exactly the perfect timing. i know she was ready to be born into a loving family with parents who are amazing. it truly is all in God's timing, just like us, may it be a honeymoon baby or a baby 5 years later:) thank you again. you guys were seriously the best tva neighbors we could've asked for. i don't know how you survived with the karaoke peeps. lol.

  2. I LOVE watching your little family grow!!! Great examples of LOVE and FAMILY :)