29 June 2012

Maui {Day 3: Monday, June 25th}

Morning Sunshine
For our last day in Maui, we slept in until our stomachs (especially mine and Mahie's) grumbled from breakfast hunger. James was sent off to Mc Donald's next door and so we had breakfast in bed with Mahie going back and forth between my pancakes and James's sandwich. We had our bellies filled and then got ready for some water action. 

Ahui hou Royal Kahana
We recommend staying here! It's a vacation condo, so it came with a fully furnished room, kitchen, fridge and washer/dryer. Plus a beautiful view of the ocean and Lana'i. {22 Weeks below!}

Return to Front Street
We made our final stop back at good ol' Front Street to: 1. Catch a Movie: {Brave}. It was okay, but we wouldn't watch again. Mahie was walking up & down the back aisle, it was a nice rest from driving. After the movie, we did some final visits at the cute shops along the stretch. We tried some Gelato & I browsed through some surf shops. Geez those tourists are getting ripped off on some of those prices.

Drive back to Kahului
After being in Maui for two days, we realized how close everything really is. At first we thought the drives were long {but beautiful}, but once you have a sense of direction, destination seem to pop up faster. Poor Mahie hated being in her car seat the entire trip. I lost count of how many times we pulled over to let her stretch her energetic legs. She loves being outside and FREE. 

Last shots of Maui:

Maui Mall Theaters {Double Movie Day}
We had tons of hours to kill until airport time, so we decided on another movie but this time James' pick: the vampire one with Abe Lincoln. THAT was weird & I jumped a few times during the movie. We grabbed a bite to eat while we waited for the movie to start. They have a water fountain in the center circle where anyone's able to play in the water shooting up. And guess whose child wandered over being niele!
{curious baby turned WET baby in just a few seconds. The water disappeared & then shot up and landed on her}

Good thing the afternoon sun was pretty strong so that Mahie dried off without having to open our luggage in the car. We played for a while at Fun Factory & got her some cheap toys with our tickets. After the movie, I had a bite to eat, we made our final FINAL :( stop at Krispy Kremes to order a box for the family back home, returned the rental, and was back on Hawaiian Air! 

Maui Trip to celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary: COMPLETED!
Three days & two nights was enough fun for us. We saw a lot, learned a lot and ate a lot! Maui is beautiful and unique in its own way. It has made me appreciate living in Hawaii more and my love for my Hawaiian culture. I'm glad I got to share this trip with James, and yes with Mahie too!

Thanks for reading up on our Maui 3-Day Series :)


  1. All I can say is MAUII WOOWWWIIIEEE!!!! and I sure wish i had a 2nd anniversary like this! hell i frekn wish i had a first anniversary as good as yours!

  2. love love LOVEEE maui. i been there several times and each time just feels like i'm revisiting it all over again for the first time. HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY. the trip looked like such a vacation i feel like i could use right about now! i'll have to try out that place that won cupcake wars, which i too am addicted to watching (partially because i wish i could bake awesome like them, ugh). what a perfect way to celebrate a very special occasion!