27 June 2012

Maui {Day 1: Saturday, June 23 }

Let's just say we started off as ZOMBIES! I had worked an event the night before until 11pm, we finished packing around 1:20am, we left to the airport by 4am and departed Honolulu at 6am. No matter what, I told James that our trip motto was, "NO REST FOR THE WEARY", and did that kill us at times! haha. I love being at airports, especially morning flights.

We flew Hawaiian and I'm happy we did. There's nothing like being surrounded by local people, on a local airline, plus POG juice. As soon as we closed our eyes to catch a break, WE LANDED! 

Haleakala {1st Stop...Maui has some good radio stations}
....well after a much anticipated stop at Krispy Kreme's, we headed to the mountains! It was a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime drive. It would've been more enjoyable if we hadn't been running on limited sleep and a sugar rush, but those turns + thick clouds + dumb bikers riding down, was unreal. Some of the turns didn't even have a guard rail or anything, so if you went too fast, oh well! As we approached marker 16, James needed a quick power nap so we pulled over. As soon as I joined him though, the princess in the backseat woke up and it was time to feed her the breakfast I packed. No Zzzzzzz...
It seemed the lesson of that drive was....Patience: DON'T GIVE UP JUST YET, because you'll love the end result. It was clear and sunny at the top above the clouds. Very welcoming until I stepped outside the car and was immediately reminded of Provo, UT waiting for Spring to arrive. Crisp air but you could still feel the sun on your face. Mahie didn't like the cold wind or the idea of bundling up. It was beautiful, peaceful and serene, minus all the tourists wondering everywhere. A Must See!!

Guriguri {2nd Stop...located at the Maui Mall Center}
In Kahului, all the locals hit up this family-owned shop. "Guriguri" a cross between sherbert and ice cream, kind of, is said to have originated from the old Hawaiian plantation days as a Japanese treat. It comes in either pineapple or strawberry. It was different, but yummy. My fave is the pineapple.

Lahainaluna {3rd Stop}
The drive through the "neck" and to the "head of Maui" was gorgeous. I almost forgot how sugarcane fields looked like. I told James that the drive to Mililani used-to look like this when I was little. We didn't realize check-in wasn't until 3pm, so we cruised a little in Lahaina. We drove up towards Lahainaluna, where my Dad used-to board at for high school. A shot of Lana'i from the campus top:

Kaanapali {4th Stop....pretty much dead tired by now}
The Outrigger Royal Kahana was our home for our 3 day, 2 night stay. We were all tired, esp Mahie!

Cool Cat Cafe {5th Stop...woke up starving}
After the longest nap recovery ever, we showered & got ready for dinnertime. A place I wanted to try was the Cool Cat Cafe on Front Street. Lucky thing it was open late, as we didn't leave to Lahaina until 8pm-ish. James got the hula-style teriyaki chicken and I devoured a Luna burger & onion rings! This place had an awesome menu, service, live music, and Kama'aina discount I ever was blessed with. HALF OFF! Nowhere on O'ahu ever did that. We recommend this place, they loved Mahie too!

Walgreens Lahaina {EMERGENCY Stop}
On the way back to our hotel, Mahie got super fussy and started to burn up quickly. She sprouted 4 back teeth that night and was suffering big time, poor thing. She even got a huge rash, so we drugged & numbed her to sleep. We all wanted to sleep by that time. (AIM & Tide were on sale, lol)

That was our MAUI {Day 1} adventure in a nutshell. It was long and hot, but it's better to be out exploring than in your hotel room sleeping the trip away. I'm glad we got to do everything we had planned for the day & then some. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us as a young growing family.

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