02 September 2011

Break before Fall

First Term ended this morning when I entered my Physical Science final at 7:30a.m and was out by 7:50, thats how you do it! I better get higher than a B- because I studied my brains out...I totally DISLIKE science. 
From there we went to Dr. Schalcter's for Mahie's 4 Months check up. Poor little babies, they learn to not trust or HATE the Doctor's office....because Doctor = NEEDLES, pain, tears :(
One nurse even shared how she'll attend events in the community with her family & some babies/young children will recognize her and start crying, associating her with dreadful shots, LOL
Here's our little chunky monkey getting cuddled after 2 new shots. 
The two nurses did each leg at the same time. It was funny & sad because Mahie was sitting straight up, smiling really big into each of the nurses faces ready to laugh.....which turned into a scrunchy face, full of tears. Ugh, I can barely handle shots myself, I feel so bad for her. 
The Stats:
15pounds, 4oz (gained 3 pounds since last visit)
26 and a half inches long
Didn't catch her head measurement, other than remember hearing the nurse say, "a cm bigger"
Concerns we brought up:
She wheezes pretty bad during and after she has a heavy "poo", however Doc said not to worry, its just from pushing it all out, lol. 
Also fever questions, if it occurs while teething.

We were told to try introducing a little baby rice cereal, even mashed up banana's or poi
Excited, but not sure if I wanna deal with potential constipation problems.
Any 4 month experiences please share!

We straightened up the house, made some yummy curry chicken lunch, napped....I had another round at the Insurance & billing departments (argh!!)....i just wanna say, i like how I'm the one playing phone chase, asking a BA-JILLION questions, but as soon as i crawl next to my husband to vent with a quivering mouth & tearful eyes...he makes one phone call & gets a HELPFUL worker, who gives him GOOD news on disregarding one bill & that another one needs to be fixed because Quest shouldve covered it all.......WHAT THE HECK! how did I end up with all the irrits/pidgin speaking people & my husband gets the red carpet of customer service rolled out for him....well can't argue with good news, prayers have definitely been HEARD (yes, late night, tearful prayers from a stressed out mother).....heavenly father's way of saying, "GIRL, you need to just CALM DOWN and have faith...oh & go enjoy your break before Fall starts & I hear you stressing out again!" LOL
Has anyone had insurance mixups? Or have they all just been targeted at me, frack!
I know one thing though, I told James I'm not getting pregnant until I'm out & away from BYUH, because their Student Insurance SUCKS & the reason why things got screwed up with the hospital & Quest....whatever, DONE, build a bridge & move on!
(she keeps grabbing her bottle)
celebration for end of 1st term & that I didn't sprout any stressful gray/grey??? hairs....James got some new running shoes & let me pick out some awesome VZ's (Von Zippers) sunglasses.
& like the loving but BOSSY person I am, I filled James in on what we're going to be for Halloween, LOL....so happy to get into the groove of things for upcoming HOLIDAYS! They'll be here before we know it & come quickly please :)
Life will now be even better celebrating with our baby girl....and more to come WHEN they come ;)

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  1. I'm glad you find my blog and I'm glad to find yours! Your baby is so so so cute! I love the chunk! Sounds like you are busy being mom and student! Looking forward to reading more on you guys. glad you are doing well :)