15 January 2012

28th at Makino Chaya's

Happy {28th} Birthday James!
Our morning began with the traditional breakfast in bed treatment and singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Mahie was more interested in trying to reach for the breakfast plate. I then brought out the birthday gifts and Mahie went to work helping her Dad shred everything apart. It's really hard to spoil my husband materialistically (lol) because he'll see a 'brand label' and would rather return it to save the person their money. There were no if's-and's-or-but's allowed this time since he deserves to be spoiled AND MORE. Some of his prezzies:
New watch (overdue), new clothes & DH shirts from isaac, a hat, and socks from Mom. James was very shocked when he opened all of this gifts and I told him he deserved it for being a wonderful husband & father.

We attended sacrament in our new ward which was once BYUH 14th but is now BYUH 5th. And then I took James to Makino Chaya's in Aiea for some yummy asian buffet. 
Mahie loved eating the banana's off our crepes & some papaya's. 

Looking forward to celebrating more birthdays to come...love you James!


  1. U r one hott mama :) And you are so cute to spoil ur hubby. I think that even on Jerome's bdays I'd still buy myself things instead :) bahaha I told him I was the best gift he's gotten ;) I think he knows that know though lol