30 January 2012

No-No Nine's (Months)

Today my little baby makes N-I-N-E MONTHS! (crazy)
What's up with Miss Mahie at this age? hmm...it's called the "No, No, (I said NO Mahie) Nine's!"
Nine Months means:
-NO clean house (Dvd's, shoe's, laundry, pots n pans...EVERYTHING is pulled out onto the floor)
-NO early sleeping anymore (as in she plays until 10pm, she used to knock out at 8pm)
-NO early mornings either for this girl. I cause trouble & poke her in the morning & she grunts
-NO gum smiles, 5 or 6 on the top, 2 on the bottom and counting!
-NO 12 month and under clothes...geez
-NO bare feet, we finally started putting shoes on her since she out & about in her walker
-NO quiet house, the baby talk has gone louder & never ending
-NO patience, esp. when it comes to food.
-NO size 3, but size 4 diapers
-NO turning my back for a second!
-NO staying put in one spot, this girl is mobile and pretty soon is about to start walking
-NO open doors, or she'll try to push open the screen door, or wonder into another room
-NO fear! Seriously, I told James that I feel like we have a little boy! This girl loves to play rough, laughs when she bumps, falls, rolls into a wall, basket, couch, anything! She runs her walker into any nearby object. She loves the water & splashes until she chokes for air. She screams if you try to hold her back. She scratches other baby's faces off and then claps her hands smiling. If you're sleeping on the floor, she'll crawl up & slap your face. And she has a deadly pinch. OUCH! (Ok, i know what you're thinking...it's because she's part Samoan!!!) JUST KIDDING, but you were thinking it!

-Formula: We haven't used a lot of formula lately, which we thought would never happen. But Mahie loves to drink water, especially with a straw or straight from the cup. She drinks pretty good now. The sippy cup is still a fail. She thinks its a toy.
-Baby Rice cereal: She's moved on to bigger and better things like....WIC jars, mashed fresh fruits, Gerber snacks (thanks Nel), and anything we eat and we smash up & give it to her.

I love my little girl. I need to measure her sometime because she is soo tall with killer legs (literally). Her hair has also gotten long and more curly. Mahie is a very smart (but very mischievous) little girl. When you say "byebye" she'll wave. She'll say Mama and crawl to me. She'll roll her hands in circles to mimic her Grandma singing 'The Wheels on the Bus...'. She also knows when her Dad is going to scold her when she's near the front door or holding one of our slippers....she'll side-eye him and keep crawling  until he gets up, and then she'll dart under the table to escape him, haha. 

What a cute but naughty little girl, haha. FYI, if you come visit us...we keep the house messy until Mahie knocks out for the night, there's no point in cleaning when she's awake.

*Starting to plan her 1st Baby Luau =]
Happy Nine Months Mahie Kau'ipuaonalani Fonofili!


  1. YAY BABY FIRST LUAU! awwwww she is getting so big and yes she will have killer legs like her momma (eeeeh u skinny legs and arms even during ur pregnancy!). Happy Nine Months little no-no!

  2. lol she is such a pretty girl! just like mommy :) happy 9 months baby mahie!

  3. haha ienjoyed reading this post! we like come to babys first luau! yaya hehehe