07 January 2012

8 Months and Standing

With the rush of the holiday season after Thanksgiving, combined with conflicting work schedules and Fall finals plus packing last minute for Samoa...Mahie's monthly milestone updates have been seriously neglected. I don't even know if I posted a 7month blog, which is sad for journal-ing purposes! Especially since she's been surprising us practically everyday with new improvements or funny little habits. I think the majority of these new & exciting improvements occurred during the two weeks we were in Samoa. One of which was growing a third tooth!

Around 7 months she started bear crawling and now she's finally gotten the proper crawl down, thanks to everyone cheering her on in Pesega. I think it took her some getting-used-to since she's always being held by my family and I guess never really is given a chance to free crawl. She's just loved too much =] But before the bear crawling even came, she already loved standing while holding onto our hands. I posted a video once of Mahie holding onto my Mom as she sat up to stand. So while in Samoa, she'd get frustrated with crawling and would stick her butt in the air to push off her front two hands. Well the final pull up came right before we returned to Hawaii. Now we need to get that crib mattress lowered! Grandma & Grandpa were very surprised at her homecoming =]
The cute little things that describe her personality:
-hand clapping
-waving goodbye 
-leaning in to kiss (with her mouth wide open with drool)
-'chocho lips'
-thumb rolls
-combing the ends of her curls
-kicking her legs as soon as you carry her
-blowing her tongue out
-scratching your face!

Love you my 8month baby girl, you are growing taller by the minute!

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  1. Your daughter is one the cutest babies I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot since I think plenty kids look like monkeys). She's standing already too!!! haha it must've been the food and water in Samoa, and her suga genetics being activated up in the motherland lol. She is just the cutest ever!