08 January 2012

My LAST Winter Semester 2012

Winter Semester starts tomorrow at 6 a.m.! Yup 6 in the morning jogging class. So for sure I'll get my running goal accomplished this new year. I'm really happy that my last semester won't be stressful academically, since I finished all my major classes, with the exception of my last Samoan language requirement...leaving me with just electives to make up 12 credits for full-time & Native American scholarships. A friend and I signed up for a Clothing Construction class that's only on Tuesday nights. Then also I got approved to get credit for my internship! Things are looking good for school. 

Work, on the other hand, is a different story. Right before I took off to Samoa, another co-worker had been finishing up his last days in the office. He was the ultimate intern ever, hands down...and I was told a few days before he was done and I had to fly out, that I would be taking over one of his job responsibilities....which I am soooooooooooooo nervous about because I feel very unprepared. He tried to train me in two rushed days, and I got somewhat of the idea of how/what/where/when/why-to do. So Larie, if you're reading this...ahhhh!! :) At least work for James will allow him to  be around home more often. My husband has got a great idea he'll be spending numerous hours on, I hope things will work out and begin to happen soon! I have faith it will. 

Also, today news spread that the TVA wards have been split or rearranged. James and I are now in a new ward with Bishop Akoi, who's children I grew up with in my old family ward. Honestly, we are very excited to attend and be a part of our new ward family, it came at a right time Heavenly Father. 

And lastly, Mahie gave us the biggest scare we've experienced so far. I turn my back for a second and then hear her choking! I don't even know how she got a hold of an old Foodland receipt, but all I see is the corner bitten off. I practically swooped down on her, but then hesitated because I had just been removing my nail polish, but the sound of her gagging naturally forced my finger down her throat and out that paper came. I don't even remember calling for James, but he was right there next to me , alarmed. Even though she vomited all over me, I hugged her tight. Never again. She's fast asleep now in her crib. I let her play as long as she wanted in the tub, I think more to calm me down than her. I'm totally not the perfect parent!


  1. good luck on your last semester! i am wishing i had a jogging class right now lol most mornings i take forever debating with myself to go run, ugggh. the new job sounds intense but i'm sure you will do great! and it's a good thing you have speedy quick mother reflexes! xo

  2. sounds like a fun semester for you! and dont worry....no parent is a perfect parent!