17 January 2012

Toys for our Tot

Within the past two months, Mahie has accumulated a bunch of "BIG GIRL" toys that have helped her reach those physical milestones: sitting, crawling, standing, walking. She is a very rough baby. Continuously runs her walker into the wall, scratches everyone's face, bumps her head & cry-laughs, crawls over anything, pulls up on things and lets go on purpose...geez this girl. She has no fear and does what she wants, whenever she wants. 

When she started to 'bear crawl' around 6-7 months, I decided to get this rolling ball before Christmas to encourage her crawling. It basically looks like a colorful freaky eyeball, haha, it has a little playful voice that sings when it rolls. It also has different shapes as buttons, so when baby presses them it either says the shape, or animal picture on it. It comes with batteries, so once you turn it on...music plays, it lights up...and it'll roll every once in a while by itself so baby can crawl after. At first it freaked Mahie out, but now a month later she totally loves it. It does get annoying though because if you forget to turn it off, you'll hear the ball say, "Goodbye" or sing, "Why don't you come and play with me"...lol, in the middle of the night!!
While we were in Samoa she got her crawl down, but decided she'd rather try to stand, lol, and pull her self up against things. We were all like, can you crawl first. But no, she wanted to TRY walking already. And her steps aren't teensy weensy ones, but rather huge lunges. I tell you she isn't afraid. She gets mad if you hold her hands and don't keep up with her giant steps. Sooo....walkers are like almost $50 at Walmart & Target. But thanks to Margie, I was able to take her walker off her hands for $10. Once Mahie was in, she didn't want out. Hill and I took her outside, and she kept trying to walk off the sidewalk. It's so funny watching her lean forward and try to walk on her toes.
With the New Year, we decided to have dinner AT THE DINNER TABLE. (lol) TVA is so small, and for a while it was just James & I, so we grew so accustomed to sitting on the couch eating & usually watching Glee or something. Now that Mahie can sit on her own, we thought "it's about time to introduce manners", haha. I debated for a while between a high chair, or table booster seat. Obviously Inglesina won my heart. And i love the colors they came out with this year. (I get excited over baby products, yes I do major research) I totally would've bought the lavender one, but, you never know if the next bebe is a boy! <-------not for a WHILE fyi =] Anyways, not only does it let Mahie sit with us at the table, but it's super lightweight, sturdy and easy to travel with to Grandma's house or the restaurant. You just fold it. Considering how pretty it is (lol), it's not leaving my house. Man, Inglesina should seriously hook me up with something free since I'm basically advertising their product! lol. Speaking of products, Mommy's out there: Inglesina or MaClaren umbrella strollers??? (We left ours in Samoa for baby Wilhelm)

*Time to turn off that dang ball!

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  1. we got shayde a walker too, but she's not moving anywhere yet haha.