11 January 2012

Identify Yourself At The Capitol!

*I just realized they only kept my maiden name, haha
I LOVE READING. When I came across this book and its series over a year or so ago....I was in love. I enjoy reading these types of story lines or themes. I was VERY upset when I realized 'Mockingjay' was THEE very last. absolutely last. no joking last. Ugh. And then towards the end of my pregnancy, I saw early previews on YouTube of a movie to be released in 2012! Yay!! Well of course, in my opinion I always believe the books are way better than the movie, but I'm still planning on attending the midnight premiere. With or WITHOUT James.  Get your identification pass yo!

Other similar good reads:

Cynthia Voight's "The Kingdom Series".......loved each one of them!
1. Jackaroo
2. On Fortune's Wheel
3. The Wing's of a Falcon
4. Elske

Margaret Atwood's, "The Handmaid's Tale"


  1. Thanks for the book recommends! Been looking for some good reads:)

  2. Lol yay dressmaker! NO WONDER why youre in the sewing class! Lol