22 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

We celebrated Chinese New Year at my parent's house. We also gathered to visit with my Uncle Kerwyn from the Big Island, and Aunty Ulu & cousins Ulu & Kama from Ahuimanu area. It was such an enjoyable & relaxing family evening. The center of attention was of course Mahie in her little traditional chinese top & bottoms as a gift from her Grandparents when she was born back in April. Then over the weekend my parents traveled to China Town in Honolulu and got her a child's chinese sterling silver bracelet with those jingle balls, a chinese printed hand drum (that got annoying) and the traditional lycee!!! So cute yah with her pig tails, like a little Chun Lee, haha. Mahie represented the Hawaiian-Chinese side in all of us Ka'ahanui's....if you're confused, FYI every Hawaiian is a little part SOMETHING ELSE, however the good looking one's are part-Chinese...and the even BETTER LOOKING ONES are part Chinese but MOSTLY Navajo, *hint hint!

I haven't seen my Uncle & Aunty for a while, since everyone's either busy at school or work, but it was so nice to "talk story". What Hawaiian family doesn't. We decided on planning a Ka'ahanui family outing on a local ghost tour (ahhh!) and to visit my Uncle Kerwyn and his wife in Kawaihae, Kona side of Big Island, some time this year. Can't wait.

My little Kau'ipuaonalani is getting so big & mischievous. I love her so much. I haven't met someone who doesn't! Oh, and for dessert we had a Chocolate Haupia CAKE from Napolean's Bakery in Alamoana.....it was ono, fo' real, go buy it NOW!

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