10 January 2012

Principles of Clothing Construction 162

Did I mention that this wasn't just my last semester, but the funnest NON-stressful one I've ever had in college. Every Tuesday night I have a Clothing Construction Class. That's my little 'ole Bernina & station assigned to me above. It so far seems like a fun class of just ladies, excited to improve our sewing skills. There's a lot to cover on the syllabus, but they are topics/techniques that will greatly improve my sewing BEGINNER knowledge.

And our final? a Fashion Show to show off what we'll sew for our final project. Cool right?


  1. Lol oh yay and theres my hash hair in the back. lol hate that its three hours because i was so hungry. and almost ate alllllll the cookies. hahahaha

  2. omg...i love berninas!!!! can't wait to see what you create!!!! in the words of Tim Gunn "Make it work!"