18 January 2012

What's in Mommy's Bag?

This post is way over due. During last mid-semester, I was digging through my bag looking for something important...I ended up forgetting what I was looking for because of the amount of random stuff I had. I would come across an old movie ticket and reminisce, or my daughter's pacifier and be like, "There it is!", or a melted lipstick and get heartbroken (I'm a makeup addict). I thought, hmm I SHOULD DO A POST ON THIS! Since it takes me FOREVER to find something in my bag. James gets annoyed not only because I have a huge messy bag, but that I own TONS of huge messy bags and seem to lose track of personal items scattered among my collection. LOL. And mind you, my bags are hanging everywhere, even in the car, or at my parent's house.

The current mommy bag: mainly for school but it contains half of our house at times.
I got it at forever21, and I liked its slouchy-ness & the feel of its faux leather. It's pretty! My school-work-lunch box and half diaper bag, lol.

And its contents:
I think I can name everything:
1. School Binder
2. WIC Folder
3. Maika'i Rewards
4. Mistreated wallet
5. Mini-Mac blush brush
6. Chump change & dollah-dollah bills
7. Zebra hand mirror
8. wth? a diaper!
9. Phone
10. School Planner
11. Makeup Bag
12. Makeup that is never put back in my cosmetic bag
13. tampons & panty-liners (given)
14. Whole Natural Almonds? lol
15. Employee kukui nut lei & pcc i.d.
16. contacts eye drops
17. BYUH Planner (must!), pens I forget to return, receipts, coupons, movie stubs, Babies R Us cards, baby socks...the list goes on & you get the idea. There was actually more that I had to take out to use, lol (lost accessories , pacifier& sunglasses)
I've since down-sized to a little side purse. Still on the hunt for a turquoise color. It's little-ness keeps me & my husband sane when trying to locate my phone, keys & important i.d.'s...and it's easier not having to haul around my heavy loaded mary poppin's bag. I guess I've always been that girl who wanted to have random things on me, JUST IN CASE. lol. Still getting used to my little purse.

What's in your bag??


  1. bahahaha OMG you remind me of DARAH! she has bag lady syndrome where she's got a whole bag full of EVERYTHING in it! lol I just emptied out mine. One of my goals this year is to keep things organized lol lol but I love this bag!

  2. i have a tiny little clutch wallet thing that holds my IDs, important cards and fits my phone on the other side. the rest of my bag is a disorganized catastrophe. always.