01 July 2012

Happy Birthday To MY DAD

It was my Dad's 50th birthday on Saturday, June 30th. 
He & my Mom went out for the evening, so we decided to celebrate today. 

Here was the Pinterest cake that inspired me:
(Dad loves pirates)
 And here's the actual cake that turned out.
Don't worry, I heard enough from my husband with the comparison, bahahaha.
So we decided to call it the "Shipwreck" cake instead.
The instructions were pretty easy, to the point where you didn't even need them. But.... It was so hot that day, plus with the oven on, it made our house a sauna, seriously. The cake layers started to get sticky when I cut them, and my crumb coat didn't even pull through for me. 
O well, it's the thought that counts right?
Plus cake is devoured in seconds anyways.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I, nor any of us kids can believe you're 50!
*Story time Flashback:
So one day, when I was a very INNOCENT & LOVING little girl, I knew my Dad wasn't feeling too well. So I decided to help him feel better. I went to the kitchen, found a bottle of pills (not even sure what pills they were), and off to my Parent's room I went.

My intention was to hand my Dad his "medicine", but instead plans changed when I found him snoring away on the bed, fast asleep & mouth WIDE OPEN!

I knew at that age that you had to swallow a pill for the medicine to work and drink a glass of water after. Good thing Dad had a half-filled cup of liquid nearby. 

So, instead of waking Dad up, (because that might make him mad, LOL), I dropped a few pills down his wide open snoring mouth, along with the contents of the random half filled glass. 

My Dad lunged forward out of his sleep, coughing & choking for dear life. And I stood there in horror. LOL, here I was thinking I was helping my Dad!

I'm not sure if I got "lickin's" from doing that, but the message is,
"I love you Dad & I'll take care of you no matter what.....oh, and now you have a second chance to baby proof your house correctly now that your grandkids are running around. "
I can only imagine what Mahie would drop down your throat :)

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