04 July 2012

America the Beautiful

04 July 12
America really is the best place to grow up as a kid.

We celebrate millions of holidays, with tons of meaning & history behind them. People in the world always hate on us.....but then everyone always wants to come to OUR COUNTRY! for education, marriage, to become famous, immigration, vacation....we got it all!  

I have always enjoyed learning about how our nation came to be, and am very grateful for the Founding Father's providing a land of Freedom. (Even though feeling FREE is hard at times, lol) Nonetheless, I wouldn't want to be a citizen of any other country. As a Hawaiian, although it is sad that our cultural history shows betrayal and Queen Lili'u being overthrown....Heavenly Father truly blessed that trial in having Hawaii emerge as the 50th state: where today we are blessed with technology, education, public health, protection, etc. It's the same with my Navajo history, but hey the Government learned its lesson....cause now I get free money in college. I CAN get free medical back on the Rez & Mahie too, and Land, and basically any aide that a person may need (woohoo)....*well, if you think about it, thanks to my Mom & her ancestors, we really ARE THEE actual American Americans!!! Native Pride!! :)

Yes there are some cultural lows, but honestly, living in Hawaii, I'm glad I don't have to struggle with certain things like on other Polynesian islands. *Not that our country is perfect!

Grandma pushing Mahie in the Laie 4th Ward Primary parade

Hill, Mahie & Isaac

Patriotic dessert: blueberry jello, vanilla pudding/custard, graham cracker crumbles, whip cream & strawberries!

Happy Fourth of July America!
Can't wait to cheer for our very own in the upcoming Olympics!

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  1. hahaha like I always tell you: I LOVE your family festivities :) Next family holiday I'm inviting myself over