17 July 2012

Comedy Tuesday

Today I got to hang out with local funny guy
Augie T
He stopped by the Polynesian Cultural Center to do a film shoot for his Funny Business production company. He was hilarious as usual and so laid back, but VERY passionate about the cause he was promoting through his Hawaii Alarm System: every alarm system sold = able to feed 10 homeless children.
{*The guy doing the solo is his business-partner friend, some multimillionaire from the mainland}

Augie earned even more SUPER COOLNESS points when I told him my Mom has ALWAYS been one of his biggest fans, since he was first starting out....and he did this shout out just for her:

I love that my job allows me to not only learn business & communications skills, but to actually interact with so many distinguished people in Hawaii. 
You the best Augie! Mom LOVED it.

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