23 July 2012

Beauty & Turbans

This weekend was crazy fun. Not only did one of my best childhood friends tie the knot & I was able to devour all of my Polynesian food cravings at her reception....but I got a little girl & makeup time with Kiana (My brother's girlfriend from Kona).
A bunch of her friends were MAC makeup artists & professional hairdressers, and have branched out in creating their own company "Face Art Beauty". On Saturday they threw an event showcasing their artistic and creative makeup skills and invited a bunch of local vendors to do likewise. For a while, Kiana has been busy managing her little business called Love Made Hawaii, all handmade trendy turbans. And so her Mom & I helped her run a booth that night.

Girl's go crazy over Kiana's turbans, more the hip city & townside girls than us country girls. The few times I've worn her creations in public over here, EVERYONE stared for days. Anyways, she had tons of cute prints, different sizes and even turbans for toddlers. Cute!
Makeup artists and hairdressers were scattered around the floor doing complimentary makeovers and new do's. There was also a lash bar, body art model, photo displays and an instant photo booth.
25 Weeks & 5 Days

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