14 July 2012

Eat, Pink & Be Married!

I spent my evening celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of my bestfriends: Keisha Moeai, SOON-TO-BE "Mrs. Funaki". The theme and decor was very cute, and we all dressed in pink. She served a mission in Guatemala, so her aunts made a really yummy taco bar. It was delish!

I wanted to do something different for her bridal shower gift & since I knew "Older Women" were throwing her party and not friends of my age & craziness range, I decided on a more PRACTICAL gift than silly. 
Click: {HERE:DIY Bridal Shower Cake} to see how I made it on my Mommy Blog

I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant when I got to the shower because 1) Only me & another woman showed up on time, for a loooong time 2) I was surrounded by middle aged & older women. I kept texting a lot of girls near my age range, but everyone either had plans or were at work. Don't get me wrong, I recognized everyone there, its just that THEY were all relatives or close friends....and then there was me & my iphone, lol. I felt bad, because I knew they tried to include me in their conversations at times, but I sucked it up and thought, I'm here to support my bestfriend and that's it :) I relaxed and started to enjoy myself......and boy did I UNDERESTIMATE the older women around me. 
 They were HILARIOUS! It was all good, clean humor....which was a change from the freaky showers I've been too. And guess what? These women were more fun to be around because EVERYONE wanted to participate, no one felt shame, they ALL brought a gift (it's so annoying when people to just come to eat. You're there to celebrate the bride, not make food for your family), well they brought a million gifts each, AND they were practical gifts. Keisha won't need to spend anything on her new house, she's set already. And they each had a beautiful and unique background history connected to the Bride. Plus, the food was AMAZING and in huge portions, I stole a plate of cookies when I left :)

*Note to self: When Mahie gets married, invite all women my age & above! 
The atmosphere was fun but also very special because of all her relatives there. Keisha is truly loved by everyone who knows her. What broke everyone down though & invited the spirit, was when Aunty Judy (Keisha's Mom) spoke about Uncle Harvey (Keisha's Dad who had passed away a few years back). Keish was definitely a Daddy's Girl, he would've loved celebrating her upcoming big day. I'm sure he'll be present this Saturday at her sealing. 
{Keish in Pink & Me in Blue, front center Kindergarten May Day}
Keisha has been my friend since.....forever? She has probably been my only friend who I can honestly say has NEVER done a bad thing EVER! I missed her when she left on her mission, especially since she was suppose to be in my bridal party. All my memories of her can make me laugh big time! Aunty Judy signed her up from Jazz, to tahitian, volleyball, anything and everything she did it! She definitely has all the qualities of an obedient daughter, genuine friend and soon-to-be wonderful, loving WIFE.

Love you Keisha aka "Popolani"

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