16 July 2012

Yummy, Easy, Dinner...

I decided to give my Mom a break from dinner tonight, since I was really excited to try these recipes below:

Easy Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

And for dessert:
Simple & Sweet Apple Cobbler

Sweet Dreams!
The recipes were VERY easy to do and requiring the little energy I had, since I've been nearing the end of my 2nd Trimester AND trying to battle off a cold. 
...seriously falling asleep as I post this and its barely 10 p.m.!
xo, the aspinalls

1 comment:

  1. Mmm! yum! I'm gonna try your enchiladas recipe. I have one white enchilada recipe and one red enchilada recipe (off the campbells cream of chicken soup can) but I don't think I have a creamy recipe. - unless that would be the white enchiladas. lol, either way, i'm gonna try it! AND the peach cobbler because that looks sooo yummy right now!