15 July 2012

Did you think to Pray?
Our little Mahie knows that when it's time to eat, we bless our food first.
Even at the age of 1 years old, James and I are glad that we must be doing something right if as soon as our daughter sits at the dinner table, she automatically folds her arms and waits for prayer to be said.
She may not understand WHY just yet, but it's a little seed that we have planted and will continue to help nurture and grow.
Plus, her Christlike attitude and innocence is a reminder to all of us busy adults....to remember to pray & thank our Heavenly Father!
How grateful we are for our little ones.

Happy Sunday Everyone


  1. love this! thank you mahie for the beautiful reminder :)

  2. There's a lot of things that I do right now as an adult that I don't understand "WHY" or maybe I do know why I just am too stubborn to do it. It's then that we need to humble ourselves like little children (Mahie in this case) and just submit ourselves to doing it. Only after we continue to be obedient will we truly understand and appreciate the "WHY". Love it! Such a cutie patootie!