12 July 2012

Tears & Hannabadaz

Remember I spoke about needing to channel Mahie's energy into some kind of activity? Well, I was at work and came across Gunstock Aquatics, aka SWIMMING LESSONS for kids. I was hesitant at first because Mahie is at that age range where her attention span is short and all over the place. The Gunstock Ranch instructors were really nice and assured me that they've taught as young as 6-month infants (crazy). They said I could give the first day a try and we'd go from there. I mean, if my daughter is just kicking and splashing around doing free play...she can just do that at home with the water hose right? AND for FREE, lol.
Day 1 & Day 2: Mahie did really well. No crying or hesitancy, to my nervous surprise! I was the one scared that maybe she'd throw a fit? Breakdown into shy tears? Drown? Not pay attention? Her assigned instructor was my friend Rachelle Christy, who I grew up with since Primary & Laie Elementary days. We got lucky, cause I didn't know anyone else.

Her swimming lessons are pretty cute and interesting. At her age she is being taught to get used to kicking while on her tummy and on her back. She doesn't like the back position too well, where her head rests on your shoulder and she kicks while you move backwards. She is being told to constantly kick, but that's exactly what she loves to do in the water. She still needs to use her front arms.

They do fun little games as collecting duckies and toys with a hand net (Mahie's fave) & collecting rings to stack. They also sing to the "babies" while sitting them on the steps or edge of the pool and coaxing them off into the water, arms wide open. Mahie wouldn't leave the edge unless she held one of my hands, but now she can't wait to fall forward. But, what scared me the most was that she went underwater TWICE! For her first try (literally a 1st for both of us), Rachelle had me blow into her face: which tricks younger babies into closing their eyes and holding their breath, AND DOWN UNDERWATER she went. Not just a quick dip, but a serious deep rounded dive, lol. As soon as she came up, I started clapping and cheering for her (too prevent any tears if needed), and she got excited. The second time however, Rachelle didn't tell us and pulled her under again. They do it a certain way where water doesn't go up the kids' noses. Mahie's big eyeballs were blinking with surprise. But again, she didn't cry :) She gets pulled under 2-3 times each class now!
Day 3: Today was DIFFERENT! Mommy did not get into the pool this time.
She cried and then whimpered the majority of her lesson (which is only 15 minutes for her age class). It was hard for me not to climb in with my jeans on. If only that other damn kid WHO ALWAYS CRIES WITH HER MOM CARRYING HER didn't decide to scream bloody murder today. It got Mahie flustered, but I knew she was ok because she still did what Rachelle asked her to do even while crying. (Cute but heartbreaking) I brought Hill along, so we both would wave and cheer when Mahie would kick by or face our direction. For the last 5 minutes, when they bring out the floaty games & ducks, she finally calmed down. Hill was amazed that she went underwater.
That's the update on our little swimmer. Her homework has been to practice blowing bubbles and using her arms. She does good at home during bath time, but for some reason doesn't do it at the pool. I told James that pretty soon his daughter will know how to swim better than him!

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  1. Hahaha I still remember u telling James about him not swimming even though he's from Samoa. Faasamoa! Awwww this post makes me tear, only because I could almost envision it perfectly. Cute little mahie!!!