08 July 2012


Our daughter is energetic. Nuff' said. And since she's at the age where EVERYthing around her is so interesting to look, touch, taste, laugh at...we have stepped up on doing more activities outside of the home. Especially since I work every day, majority of the day, I don't want to look back upon this part of my young parent life and regret that I didn't spend more time with my firstborn (& oldest child).

We planned a family day for the weekend at the annual Farm Fair. We didn't make it to the 50th State Fair since I'm too pregnant to go on any rides and we knew Mahie wouldn't even appreciate it at her age, and James just doesn't care about that kind of stuff. So off to Kualoa Ranch we headed one bright morning. It was extremely HOT, good thing I sprayed sunblock all over Mahie. And good thing we brought our BYUH ID's because any student w/valid id got free admission! Woohoo! All we really wanted to go for was to show Mahie the animals, so I'm glad we just had to pay for food. A nice treat however, was that local singer Melveen Leed sang, told jokes while we ate. She, as always, was hilarious. James got a kick out of her stories and songs, and didn't realize how famous she was throughout Hawaii. I loved her stories of growing up in Moloka'i.
Look how big my little girl has gotten! She was running everywhere and wouldn't keep still, until we got to the animals. She enjoyed looking at the goats, stinky pigs, rabbits, chickens....but NOT the cows. She was scared to pet them, even with James coaxing her little fingers with his.
We even got to visit Uncle Eric at work, in the middle of a parking field desert. Seriously it was blazing hot. I can't see how Eric and his coworkers can handle that everyday. We each left the Fair a couple shades darker. Well, Mahie's legs are already papa'a, but now they are officially black. hahaha.

We had fun, but taking into consideration the heat, crowds, long food lines & post sunburn....I'm glad we got in free :)

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  1. AAAHHH she's getting so bigg!!!!!!! I can't believe you guys braved the farm fair, it was frekn blazing hot that day and I was just driving past wondering how hot it was there. I can't wait til my life finally starts getting a little family so I can do all these fun things too, AND I'm glad that at least your a hott mom who still dresses nice, works full-time, and graduated from college, AND you still make time to get the kids out!