02 February 2012

tonights ramble

Woohoo! for the past three weeks I've been running early in the morning Monday, Wednesday, Friday! This week....I can proudly, YES IM VERY PROUD, that I've gone everyday! I've been totally out of shape since I gave birth. I would exercise here & there...but not really since the weight was just falling off by itself. But then it finally stopped...and I realized it was all me & the gym now. However I had no desire to work out. UNTIL I came back from Christmas break and decided I wanted to get my body in shape before having OR EVEN THINKING about baby#2. 

At the end of my pregnancy with Mahie, my sugar levels went out of control and I developed a case of Gestational Diabetes. It was an emotional roller coaster at first, but the Kapiolani Nutritionist would say that it wasn't my fault at all, but that the baby was causing the GD, and I had the choice to be in control of it, or let it control me. So I embraced the condition that I thought was a plague, and realized what a blessing it was! I learned REAL nutrition, the importance of what foods break down into sugars, how our society eats sooooo unhealthy, how certain places you think are "healthy" are NOT, that we should eat not only 3 meals a day but also two snacks in between to keep sugar levels regulated, that greens should be the most on a plate, then meat, then little or no starches at all. I became a pro at portion sizes. I became aware that you NEED to exercise or be physically active at least 20minutes everyday....that if a person's sugar levels were high, a walk down the road and back brought things back to normal. I saw food differently, I respected my body more and I cared for the health of my husband and my parents.

After I had Mahie, I threw all that knowledge out Castle hospital's window & sent James to get me some ribs from Ruby Tuesday.....but I'm back in the Portions & Carbs & Exercise Game. And it's been going good, I concentrate more at work, I allow myself a little sugar treat here & there...because hey, we still need to enjoy life, and I've slowly been picking up my pace/distance while I run. It's still hard, but my endurance is getting better. I went from stopping all the time & cursing under my breath (yes i did) to surprising myself that I ran without stopping and smiling at strangers on the road with me. LOL. I want my strength back that I had before pregnancy. And I know it will slowly come back. I'm proud of myself for now even though I still finish a little later than half of my jogging class. (I think, only if they met me in high school, I'd run circles around them! lol) I also love that I have influenced James to get back into running. I run in the early morning WHEN ITS DARK, and he takes the nights WHEN ITS DARK! lol. 

I don't starve myself, that would never be a possibility for me. I LOVE FOOD Anorexic & bulimic people out there, YOU'RE FRICKIN STUPID! I've always been an eater, ever since my parents said, "You can't leave the table until you finish everything on your plate". Now it's curving my appetite around healthier choices! & yes, I still eat chocolate when it's offered...like tonight when my Sister-in-law flew in from Australia and had a bag of chocolate flakes...mmMmmm!

So tonight, felt good! I was running alongside my handsome husband, and then I went straight to the Tahitian Club Practice for Culture Night. My legs are pretty much on fire, especially the arches on my feet....but it was fun. I miss dancing. I think James may be joining the Samoan Club, I hope he does! Well, James & I never made goals this year....but things will pop up and we'll say, "Let's do this...." and we've been accomplishing more things this way than past years with lists of goals. We know what we need to do, we don't need a scribbled paper to accomplish them, or a blog post to announce them....but ourselves helping , reminding, and encouraging the other. It's just kept between US and its more meaningful that way. We've always been like this....displaying only a little but keeping A LOT just to US. Well...WE SUCK AT RUNNING, but we're doing it...BEEN doing it! I love my husband and that's a perfect thing to end with :)

Time to kaele!


  1. congrats!!! you're such an inspiration to me...hopefully one day before you're done working with me, I will actually get off my lazy butt and move my legs faster than my normal walking pace....awesome post!

  2. #1: you're so awesome keeping the blog going...I cringe just thinking about how much I have yet to blog.
    #2: Yay for running. I'm still at the huffin n puffin stage but I'm hoping it'll change soon ;)
    #3: Have fun at culture night! You picked a great club ;)

  3. Lol @ anorexic and bulimic people are stupid. Ain't that the truth. I like food. Food likes me. It's a complicated relationship now that I'm trying to lose weight again. Oi.