16 September 2012

Nursery Transition

Lately, we've been slacking on our church attendance. We are still active, don't worry. It's just that we are never ON TIME. We usually give in to our Sundays and sleep in, well I do because it's hard getting up, but last night we set the alarms and EARLY we were to sacrament.Yay for us, now it's PERFECT attendance from here on, lol! (Hopefully)
It was also a special Sunday, because it was Mahie's 1st day transitioning into Nursery. Next month she will be an official Nursery goer, so until then the little-LITTLE ones come in with their parents to get a feel for what's in store. 
James explaining to Mahie it's time for Nursery & to be a good girl

At first she was excited as soon as she saw the toys scattered everywhere. I guess it was a thrill after coming from a long sacrament meeting. I finally realized how small and baby-ish Mahie was in comparison to the other kids. I kept feeling like she was going to get run over or pushed, which in some cases she did get picked on by two older Nursery girls because they wanted the toy she had. I was kinda annoyed at the situation, as the older Nursery girl tried twice to snatch Mahie's toy (with a billion OTHER toys lying around unused)....and so on the third snatch attempt Mahie gently responded by patting the girl's arm softly, which means "be nice" (we do this to Mahie at home when she's being naughty). The older girl, who is SO HUGE SHE SHOULD BE IN PRIMARY ALREADY, scratched Mahie's eye and grabbed the toy away. Damn right I did something. I firmly tapped the girl's shoulder and scolded her to play nice and to share..........I know I won't ALWAYS be there to stand up for my children, and now I can understand how bullying can break a parent's heart. It's my duty to make sure I raise MY children the best I can. *And just a side note, the huge older girl was such a brat climbing all over the tables and stealing snacks from the younger kids!
After playtime, Mahie was not feeling it for music time around the table. She sat on her own little chair with the rest of the kids and I guess that freaked her out?? I was sitting at the farthest corner to be out of the way, and she started to look around and shout for me, "Mama! Mama!". The Nursery leaders tried to calm her but that just elevated her cries and eventually tears. I sat closer and pulled a chair next to me for her, and she was fine doing all the motions for the songs. 

 *Christlike Story of the Day!
And then as they had clean up time, Mahie got overwhelmed in the middle of all the kids, didn't see me and started to cry. *And this is where I got emotional.......

Little Raya Yuen saw Mahie crying and walked over, looked at her for a few seconds and then walked away. However, before I crossed the room to comfort my daughter, Raya returned dragging a chair. She placed the chair behind Mahie, and somehow knew Mahie couldn't sit on her own. So she took Mahie's hand and helped her up on the chair (Mahie's tears had stopped as she watched Raya). Raya then brought another chair, sat right next to Mahie and handed her a toy doll to play with. Mahie was not only comforted, but smiled and followed Raya around the rest of Nursery for snacks and lesson time. I shared this story with Raya's mom Carol and thanked her for Raya's Christlike spirit and love.  
I'll never forget this experience.

"If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth." -Jean A. Stevens, "Become as a Little Child"


  1. I love this post! Not only because Raya's mine but because I'm so proud of her for being so nice to Mahie! Seriously, I got all teary eyed just reading this!

  2. How come i was cracking up when u were talking about the older girl. But ew, what a brat! And awww what a sweetheart little raya is. So tender. Made me tear up!