08 September 2012

to the beach

We are two shades darker. Sand is still everywhere, including Mahie's hair. Our beach clothes are hanging up drying. James has a farmer's tan. My sunglasses are imprinted on my face. Our bodies are still feeling the heat from today and are drenched in aloe. 

We're surprised it stayed sunny & hot for the length that it did. It was nice taking in all the heat with the breeze in your face and toes in the ocean. Mahie and I made a ton of sandcastles and sand crabs. James knocked out in the shade & popped out every once in a while to chase Mahie around. The water was a little rough and we got smacked in the face by the white wash a couple times, but we enjoyed ourselves today. Even "little brother" got some hugs from his big sandy sister.
 lots of sunburn love, from the Aspinalls

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  1. Love u Aspinalls!!!!!! annnnnd just came back from castles, and i can't wait to have my own little family to bring so i don't gotta go by myself again and get pounded and have no one to feel sorry for me eeeehh