12 September 2012

Bring out the FALL

The Ka'ahanui house is a very festive house when it comes to the holidays, thanks to my Mom. Although it is barely mid-September, and there is never a season change here in Hawaii, nothing could ever stop my Mom from decorating. Today some of her "Fall" boxes were dragged out from the garage and its orangey-red contents displayed for passerby's. Including THREE scarecrows below:
Where's Mahie???

Our little girl got a kick out of helping her Grandma decorate. I don't think my Mom enjoyed it as much, since Mahie kept rearranging her display MANY times, lol. I told my Mom that it's just a preview for when her house is FILLED with grandkids pulling things off her shelves left & right. 

I can't believe the holidays are about to start! Sometimes I miss the change of seasons, but hey, I'll settle for decorations. (Snow can get old after a while) It's also fun to see how Mahie is responding to her Grandma's decorations and Halloween aisles popping up in the stores. She's definitely at the fun age where she can actually trick-or-treat, fill her tummy with holiday desserts & do things ALMOST like a little girl. She tires me out big time, especially nowadays with my big opu. But I love, that SHE loves the world around her now that she isn't a little baby anymore. 

ALSO....I made 33 weeks today! 49 Days to go!
James took this photo when he picked me up from work. Mahie was in the backseat pointing and laughing for some reason. Any changes other from getting bigger? Well, I've felt a little swollen in the toes and legs. But not too drastic, it comes and goes. I think more after sitting at my desk for a loooong time, which I do all day everyday. I have to keep reminding myself to get up and move around/stretch, because it's not good to be in the same position for a long time. I've been getting really tired and achy lately.....and yes, a little LESS patient with those around me. But hey, it comes with the belly! I can't stay up as late, so hopefully any upcoming work events don't run late into the night. In a few weeks I'll be turning in my 2weeks notice!!! Woah.
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And since my glucose levels have been MORE than good throughout the day, James made some yummy chocolate chip cookies (his own recipe) and I treated my cravings!!! Sooo delicious + vanilla ice cream :) Anyways, tomorrow will be an early start for work (ughhh), but my husband gets to join me, so I know it'll be fun gettin' paid driving around the island with him.

xo, Ash, James, Mahie & Baby Brother (who still has no name!)

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