29 September 2012

Thurs, Fri, Sat......

It seems that as soon as I turned in my two weeks notice, everything got hectic: work seemed busier and required more hours in the office, family activities filled the rest of free time, and pregnancy this far along is finally taking its third trimester toll. Braxton hicks are here!!! I get exhausted easily but can't find any comfortable position. Mahie always wants me to carry her or to sit on my lap, even when her Dad's arms are free. I walk slow, I drink way more water, the aches and pains come and go....basically I'm PREGNANT PREGNANT!

So let's see....

Mahie started a little "Pre" pre-schooling with Project Spirit, under the sponsorship of Alu Like. My Aunt (Dad's Sister) works for Alu Like, and therefore was allowed to include Mahie in the program. It's fairly new, and so the boundaries include visiting Hawaiian keiki from Waimanalo to Nanakuli side. There are many programs out there for Native Hawaiian's and I'm glad that Mahie gets to benefit from these one-to-one educational home visits, especially since it's my Aunty. It's also not only a learning experience for Mahie, but also for the parents & grandparents (which they strongly encourage). The first week's lesson was really interesting...I'll post more of the program goals, etc., later.
 Our little "St. Andrew's Priory" girl in the making w/her UH tee from Aunty Ulu

Again, there was work + town errands....I was VERY tired & achey, didn't even get a nap in before heading out to the Laie Elementary Carnival that evening. I'm surprised I survived. My Dad came along to help me with Mahie. We had a lot of fun. We arrived early, so that we could leave early, haha, but we hit all the "rides" that we knew Mahie would enjoy. First off, the horse rides! Mahie was really excited until it was her turn to climb on, and then she just got really quiet. She rode the "miniature horse" named Ace, and finally her inner paniolo kicked in on the second ride around. She waved at everyone and yelled hi. Of course I took a million photo's of here, every Mom there was! At least Mahie enjoyed herself because I was paranoid of the bigger horses around me. (Yeah, my Native American instincts didn't kick in)
Dad & Mahie also caught a ride on the train, which died 2 minutes after taking off. We ate until it restarted, but then all these older kids jumped on and were so rough, even pushing little ones. No one was supervising the ride, the kids got rough jumping off or hanging on the side....so we scolded them. Lol, that's how! Friggin' kids & your dumb parents.

My older brother Eric drove me, Mahie & Hill out to Tayden's 3rd birthday at the Waterpark in Kapolei. Good thing we didn't hit traffic build up because of the bridge in Wahiawa. We enjoyed ourselves, except for the fact that it was a bit overcast and windy for the little ones. Brenson (Tayden's Dad) is Eric's good friend since forever, and it's always nice seeing how close their group of friend are, and always come together to support each other. I'm thankful that Hill came along to be a life gaurd/entertainer for Mahie. I was just trying to find a comfortable spot the entire time I was there. Lunch was sooo good!

A lot of fun activities....but I'm tired. And it's the kind of tiredness that eh, you can't fall asleep because there isn't enough pillows to make you comfortable, or enough fans to cool you down. I'm a little bummed since I've had to put as many hours in as I can to have a good last paycheck, that my free hours were dedicated to errands & family time....hence, I couldn't really hang out with one of my besties! She knows who she is :) We text all the time, but hanging out in person is way better.....next time when I'm not pregnant, or I'll come find YOU when we go Disneyland. Anyways, that's the haps this week.

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  1. Ahhh that's so cute that she got to ride the pony! I miss all of Hawaii's fun activities. There's no other place like Hawaii! :)