05 September 2012

Work & Weddings

Lately, we've been having a bunch of wedding bookings the past few weeks. They are pretty easy to work (unless you run into diva guests who really have no connection to the bride & groom, other than taking advantage of a free meal offered). Anyways, they are somewhat a breeze that sometimes I forget I'm clocked in. Other than making sure specific things have arrived on time (food, sound system, decorators, guests, etc.) usually I can be found sitting in my own little corner keeping watch on everyone. I'm always mistaken as a guest, even more now that I'm fully pregnant, and so people of the wedding party will ask if I've eaten, or offer to find me a seat at a table or to make me a plate. I kindly waive them off with a smile and point to my PCC employee name tag and say "I'm working."
However this time I got to work AND be with friends. A lot of friends and old faces! It was Danica Seumanutafa & Ross Salanoa's wedding reception. I met Danica while dancing night show at Horizons, and then again when I moved back from BYU-Provo for Ha. She has been a fun coworker and very fashionable friend. You can totally tell she's from New Zealand. Very chic. Ross is an old OLD childhood friend from Laie Elementary days. They have diligently waited a while (Ross to get off his mission) to get hitched, and it was such a fun reception. 
I helped Larie make sure the reception went smoothly. But now that I waddle around, it was more Larie because she is one of those superwomen who can do a million things at once. And instead of being in my lonely little watch tower corner, I got to hang out with my old dancing buddies and friends. 

Here are some of them going crazy over the crab legs. Sooo crazy, that crab was literally flying everywhere in between our gossip convo's.
{Sui & Teuila's chubby happy son Joseph}
Congratulations Danica & Ross! Enjoy living the TVA newlywed life....it only gets better from there!


  1. bahahahaha this wedding was probably one of the funnest and best social events i'vebeen to this year :) considering this year i haven't been to many and i haven't had a good chance to hang around my friends very often :) YAY for weddings!!!!!! Actually no, yay for weddings that are small and intimate, drama-free, and have beautiful brides like Danica :) I love my friends :)

  2. Okay, totally out of it. Good thing you blog. I would've never known Ross got married.

    1. Don't worry, no one did because he forgot to pass out his invites!!!! HELLO!!