25 September 2012

It is what it is my Love.

Friday was bittersweet. I almost didn't want it to come, only because......it was Larie's LAST DAY!!
{yummy Liliha Bakery cocoa puff cake}

Our fun little cubicle isn't the same anymore, and I'm pretty sure EVERY department here on the Windward side will miss her & expect a LOT from whoever replaces her. (wait, NOone can replace Larie!) She'll now be working at the Waikiki office, congratulations!  Larie has seriously inspired me to work hard, continue my education, grow more spiritually and to have more self-confidence. One day I'll make it big like you :)

 {us grinding at the dinner buffet before the concert}

That night was also my last big work event. PCC hosted another concert featuring Irie Love and Rebel Souljahz. I really enjoyed myself and have my good friend Lanea Snow to thank. She volunteered her time to help me host our VIP guests, especially in times where I couldn't waddle around fast enough. I'm pretty sure each member of Rebel Souljahz was trying to spit game at her, but sadly, they are all two feet SHORTER than.....well, than the average person, LOL. 

Irie Love on the other hand was the spotlight of the night. I felt so lucky to have met and hosted her. She was very down to earth, funny, and gorgeous! Perfect bone structure!! A lot of people think she's from Jamaica, BUT NO!! (Hello, can people do their research before asking a VIP guest dumb WRONG questions! This happened many times that night) She was born and raised in Kailua, and yes, her REAL name is Irie Love. All her sisters have "Love" in their names because they are 4th generation? descendants of their grandpa who started thee "Loves Bakery" here in Hawaii. Cool huh?
Nea and I got to know her, her friends & Mom....she even found me on Instagram & thanked us for hosting her. She was also fun to take pictures with. LOVE HER VOICE!!!

{got to hang out with my bff's for a quick minute}

{some of the interns & workers}

{Miss Hawaiian Air doin' her thang}

{Majority of the Marketing Team's last night w/Larie!}


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Thanks for letting me side bust and eat for free, stuff my face with crab, get free cds, and meet famous people......LOL LOL LOL @ Rebel souljahz and their heights.....bahaha kaloz

  2. Wow, this is sooo cool! What an amazing opportunity!