06 September 2012

32 Weeks Smiles

Today started early at Castle Hospital for my 32 weeks appointment. I felt kinda "iffy" about this check-up, for reasons I'll explain later, but in the end everything turned out better than expected and we were out of the office before Mahie got too bored.

I've been trying my best to limit carbs and watch my sugar cravings (I still slip once in a while). So it was nice and reassuring to here that my blood pressure & baby growth were right on track. I need to tell my mouth & stomach to keep it that way for 7 more weeks.
 {Morning walk shot, up to the gazebo behind the temple}

Progress has been good so far. I feel not AS huge this pregnancy, in comparison to Mahie. (Nor have I seen any swelling in my feet) I am more active, even though its a struggle now that I'm very tired in the morning & evening times. I enjoy my walks when I force myself out the door, but the baby is seriously hanging out RIGHT on my bladder that the nearest bathroom is always on my mind. It has gotten very annoying and uncomfortable at times. But, I thank my walks and prenatal pilates for giving me a positive appointment today. *FYI: Appointments will now be every TWO weeks! I must be at the end!!!

After my appointment, James, Mahie & I made a town run for errands. I bought a few essentials for my hospital bag, but yet again, no specific baby boy things.

I found myself home alone and bored at one point. James was at work & my parents took Mahie for a drive. So I thought what a perfect time to play with my makeup collection. Sorry no self shots, but I did get one of my model who climbed up on the bed next to me. It was entertaining to watch her grab the mirror, and start using my makeup tools CORRECTLY on her face. She knew to apply my bronzer to her cheeks, my unopened mascara tube to her eyes, lol, and even closed her eyes to let me put eyeshadow on. Even though she looked like an innocent drag queen, it was cute and fun observing the personality of my daughter.

When the day cooled down & the rain clouds looked faraway, Mahie and I went on a little evening walk. I thought she would take a nap, but the tourists at the temple got her wired up again and so we pulled over by the BYU faculty playground. Maybe I'll take her there more, as its not as crowded or beat up as the TVA ones. I let her go crazy running all around & climbing the playground. She learned how to slide without my help. However, twice she got too silly and almost "huli maka flip" down the spiral slide. She got scared for a quick second but was back at it in no time climbing the slide.
 {doesn't go anywhere without her bright red "gum boots" as they say in NZ}

The rain is pouring down & making me sleepy. Tomorrow is Aloha Friday, hopefully the wedding event I'm working doesn't go toooo late. James and I are still going over baby names. We found a few, but I think we just aren't taking it seriously yet, lol. No Polynesian first name this time. I think. Pretty soon a little boy will be here ahhhhh!

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