15 September 2012

BBQ Nails & The 55

Sleep is something that doesn't come easily anymore. There is no comfort in walking, sitting or sleeping at this stage. This is also the time, where my back usually begins to ack up due to sleeping on my side. (i hate it) Hence my 'groggy' Saturday morning attitude. My cure? Warm, moist, sweet cinnamon rolls from our neighbor Sis. Goo, and a pedicure suggestion from James! Two MUSTS for any easily-irritated pregnant woman. 

It was a party all on its own at the nail salon. The woman next to me wanted to redo her gel manicure. Apparently, apart of the removal process is wrapping foil around your hands. OMG this lady was hilarious. She quickly asked, (very loud, & not even joking) "Are my fingers prepping to get barbequed??!!" LOL! I couldn't help being niele and started laughing. The asian nail techs just laughed it off/ignored her....however the lady adds in, "Or I should say, 'Mongolian BBQ'!!!"......I thought, can that be considered racist? And laughed even more at the random situation.

The hot day dragged on. We got to taste a delicious asian lunch plate that a TVA couple was selling. James and I loved it, and so we returned to buy more plates. It was a nice change to our usual food choices for lunch. 
My parents had another yard sale and closed up shop around noon. With the profit they made, they decided to spend the rest of the day in town together, just the two of them. That's until Mahie and I crashed their romantic plans. I thought it would be fun to take Mahie on a bus ride. You see cause we no get fancy trains in Hawaii, just the local one: Uncle Fasi's Da Bus! 

Mahie was excited, but I think she thought it was some kind of train like at Windward Mall. She waved at everyone on the North Shore's infamous #55. She was a good girl and sat next to her Grandpa the entire ride looking out the window. A few times she got tired and cuddled into her Grandma's arms. And MANY times she was curious about the homeless man behind us & kept pointing at him and smiling (eh). Her wiggles kicked in JUST as our stop came up.

My older brothers and Hill met us at Ward. We hit up Starbucks & Nordstrom Rack, while my Mom splurged at Pier One for fall decor. ANNDDDD with no intention of doing any shopping, I got SUPER lucky and came across the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag that I have been seriously wanting!!! It was on sale and the last one. Very cute print for a baby boy. You don't even know how quick I snatched that bag and paid for it.

The day couldn't have been successful without my parents, especially my Dad who chased Mahie everywhere....and ended up catering to all three of us girls (My Mom, Me & Mahie). 

James drove out and picked us up. It was a long day & I was glad to see my husband pull up to the curb.......looking forward to a long shower!

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