15 November 2011

10. Home

Where do you call HOME?
(my left & james' right hand...flying into New Zealand)

James is from Auckland, New Zealand and I'm from Laie, Hawaii. However, we've been living in the BYUH Temple View Apartments for almost a year (wow), and we couldn't be more thankful. What a blessing it was to find a place to call "ours" right after we married. We were saved from squeezing into my Parent's home or any small and over priced studios nearby. We definitely got lucky, since originally we were in the 100's on the TVA waiting list, but somehow we got bumped to the top.
I love living in TVA. I always hear people talking bad about it, or residents being embarrassed to say they live there.......I don't know why. It's the best deal on rent throughout the state (unless you're one of those who munch off your parents), its located right next to school & on-campus/PCC employment, laundry services are cheap, the temple is next door, and you live among other couples going through the same challenges as you. Honestly, it may not get the highest ratings as the most gorgeous place to live, but if you're living the married-college student life, it's a definite financial load off your shoulders. So unless you're a millionaire (and so far everyone who talks this place down IS NOT), than keep it to yourself :)
This is our home. Here we learned (and still learning) how to be a wife and a husband. Where we've cooked, cleaned and prayed side-by-side. Where our stubborn temper's have flared and our most humbling moments have brought us closer. And where we've brought our little baby to raise and love.
WE are thankful for the Homes that we've come from....and being taught that we all as family members must contribute to making our house a home.
Home is where your Family is :)


  1. I love this post!! I was definitely extremely grateful to live in TVA because of all the reasons you listed. And mores because I had friends like you to visit all the time. And most importantly because I ended up really liking my neighbors an learning tips and tricks about everything there!

  2. you are so funny ashlyn! i totally hear your voice in these posts!!