25 November 2011

Never again

Never. EVER. doing the all-nighter black friday thing. NEVER. EVER. AGAIN.
It was for sure an experience with my Mom, Kiana, and the tiny mini we zoomed around Honolulu in. Seriously, that little car was stuffed with shopping bags.
(Below is my little brother finding some thrill in riding around Laie w/a mask??)
After the family Thanksgiving dinner at my Parent's house, all travel, work and babysitting arrangements were worked out......and off to Honolulu we left with our wallets and redbull. I was already tired by Ka'a'awa so my Mom kept forcing me to drink her redbull. 
The places we hit were
1. Walmart (Keeaumoku)
2. Target (Salt Lake)
3. Alamoana

Yes there were crazy crowds everywhere and it seemed like the a.c. was broken in every store. We went, as my Mom puts it, "to be in the holiday hustle and bustle". So we weren't die hards crawling over people to claim a flatscreen, whatever interested us we threw in our cart. We were basically half zombies and half redbull-excited. LOL. I can't believe how many filled carts people were dragging along. Honestly, there weren't even that many deals. (Although there were some very good ones too) And can I just point out the #1 sucky thing about living in Laie.......you always run into people you RATHER NOT see. Anyways, there were pretty good prices on toys, so all the nieces & nephews are covered for Samoa! Check. (And if their parents are reading this, make sure you bring batteries bc I'm too cheap to buy them)

*Asians DO have a backbone......and it sure is stiff.
1) Parking was crazy and almost bloody at Alamoana. There were zero open stalls. People would literally follow a person as soon as they left the nearest store. A japanese woman finally found a stall, but a guy out of nowhere zoomed in as she was reversing and totally stole it. *This was the first time we each saw this, so we sat there and watched: The Japanese woman got out of her car, went up to the guy's window and fully started telling him off. Ya I would've been afraid too. The guy finally left and she claimed her stall. You go Obason!

2) We got elbow-shoved by aisan-tourist-looking shoppers, who didn't apologize (Oh hellll no). And then as we ate, Kiana left to the bathroom, and some random Japanese woman tried to sit at our tiny 3-seated table filled with shopping bags, that showed no sign of "Come sit here". Oh Black Friday, you make the lolo in people come out.

I must say the best deal I came across was at Victoria's Secret. Seriously, I got sooo many things free in return. It was a long day, there were funny moments.....but no black friday for me again, except online :)


  1. OMG I TOTALLY WANTED TO GO TO ALAMOANA!!!! uggghhh i ended up at Target instead, but frek I should've gone!! And I agree I just threw in anything that looked good, but bahahaha yes asians sure do have a backbone when it come to shopping sales!

  2. hahaha! Im laughing at the japanese who sat at your table and elbowed you. They are polite people but when it comes to getting around they will elbow, shove, or just run you over.