22 November 2011

Very Sad

Last night James' phone wouldn't turn on.
The screen was totally black, and all the tricks we Googled couldn't help us out either. At first we didn't sweat it, since we knew Apple would save us.
And they did, in a way, but not really.
James was able to get a new phone, FREE.
But we lost everything on his sim card.
I didn't really care, UNTIL, I realized all of Mahie's newborn video footage and 1st photo's in the hospital was on his phone.
I was and still am very devastated.
Lol, yes I'm still having my random fits of anger.
Angry at dumb iphones, at James because he owned that phone, at myself for not transferring all of those albums to our computer the day before when I was looking at them & reminiscing, and especially at the Apple employee who kept reassuring me that everything would be on there, BUT NO.
Ugh, it's totally upsetting.
At least I have a few from my phone :(

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