06 November 2011

Weekend Awww

I took my last midterm Friday (Samoan 201) and was so happy to walk out the testing center to a weekend of freedom, friends, and fun. 
Fun with Friends, all in sweatshirts, frazzled hair-do's and returning from Brasil
1. Freedom: No work, school, assignments, tests and running around in between all of those things while worrying about Mahie, making sure life runs smoothly for her. We wonder at times what she probably thinks or if she notices going back and forth from our house and grandma's house.....so far no problems, however her grandparent's have all the toys.

Our home starts off clean, slightly organized and breathable at the beginning of the week. By the end of Tuesday night, everything is everywhere...piling up, tossed on the side, rummaging for car keys. I hate when the mess starts to grow (mess= stress), but we literally have no free time to upkeep the perfect mormon home Tues-Thurs...so when Friday comes, I wake up excited and determined to have a spotless home. And clean I did while Mahie rolled around watching Sponge Bob and (Oh Yes) Thanksgiving/Christmas commercials. Mission accomplished.

Although James never enjoys freedom from work, he comes home with the most entertaining stories. I've grown accustomed to expecting a bit of news he's experienced through the day, i love it. In turn I sometimes share a story from my internship, but USUALLY i jump straight to reporting about Mahie. Our little girl has us both wrapped around her chubby, drooling, fingers. 
*Exciting News of the Day: She is beginning to sit up by herself. We sat outside on the lawn to wait for James to come home. He was surprised to see her new baby trick, and SHE got excited when she saw it was her Daddy....and then she toppled over and started sucking on a mini coconut. So now, we're having a hard time making her lay down LOL.

2. Family Prayer: We've been progressing with prayer: morning, meals, evening & personal. 

3. Tithing: Woohoo, 100%.......thank you paychecks.

4. Wives Club: A few friends and I have established a fun, hilarious, hungry, comforting and highly EXCLUSIVE social group. So far the past outings included lunch dates at Subway (we try to eat healthy), and a quick EXOTIC trip to BRAZIL. I can't spill all the details.....but can I just say this weekend was so fun and a nice break from the ordinary crazy schedule. (Bonus: How grateful I am to have a husband who encourages me to enjoy friend outings)

5. Mochiko Chicken: <---I have been craving this and finally made it tonight for dinner. It is sooo yum, we have leftovers in the fridge and I've already called dibs for lunch tomorrow. It was my first time making this, and we were very impressed with the results. I've never used 'sweet rice flour' before. I'm glad Tamura's had all my asian ingredients on sale. Also, thank you Nea for popping by & making me jump :)

It's going to be an early day tomorrow. My baby will be in town all day with her Grandpa.


  1. I definitely agree, I love outings with friends:-)

  2. mmmMMM that's what you were cooking! I'm gonna come over and be a dinner visitor the next time you cook a big dinner (and don't worry I'll bring rolls or something). Thank u for being my temporary sugar momma for Saturday night's festivities! And how grateful I am that you have a happy little family that makes me and Chelly have MORE faith that it IS possible (Despite the deadbeats that we live around lol).

  3. You guys are so cute! I can't believe Mahie is getting so big! You guys are so busy! It'll all pay off! Come say hi sometime! :)

  4. hmmmm.....brazilian? im intrigued.