02 November 2011

November Ramble

James and I were reminicing about a particular night when we were first still getting to know each other. The exchange of phone numbers, texting...and all that awkward but giddy feelings of secretly liking the other but being too afraid to show it.......and how funny that we both have TOTALLY DIFFERENT versions. Of course mine is the correct one, just kidding, but it was entertaining and interesting to hear James tell it, what he was thinking and all that behind-the-scenes things that I never knew. I'm not going to share it, because that's OUR little story........but it makes me smile knowing how fun our dating memories are. If you know my husband, he is way more reserved than me, and nicer. A lot of people think he's scary since he doesn't smile, but he is very friendly once you start talking to him. Me on the other hand, if I'm annoyed, I'm annoyed. LOL. But I can make friends with anyone. And once I make friends, I can talk story for days. James is friendly, but he won't just talk to people like I do. 
I wonder who Mahie will follow. She's actually very independent, and once she looses interest, she's off to something else. She can't sit up or crawl yet, but she can cover some ground pretty easily by rolling and wiggling around. 
We can't believe it's November. Hopefully we find time to enjoy it before it's gone like Halloween. James is currently chasing a flying cockroach in our kitchen. Mahie is spread out on our bed with her personal fan blasting on her, while we are sweating in the livingroom. And I'm not too happy that I'm out of nail polish remover....we are counting down the days until Christmas. Happy that we'll be seeing loved ones, but sad that Aaron leaves to the Philippines.
Good night from the Aspinalls


  1. haha oh my your gonna have a FUN FUN HOLIDAYS!! Remember that night after night show when I was taking you over to James's house (when he lived in that little side room thing @ the PPF guy's house?!) haha and we sat in my car and talked for like 3 hours about how we first started dating ours? hahaha fun fun timeS!!!!

  2. wow, i just caught up on pretty much everything. i love everything! good job on bumble bee costume! good job on your internship. good job on everything!! ps-ill be living in hawaii for two months so we should totally have playdates!!! it will be the months of january and february!! yay!! :) lol.